Judit PAPP

Past and Present. Preserving and researching a case study  presenting the heritage of Hungarian photographer, Károly Escher
Photo Conservator, (OSZK) National Széchényi Library,
Budapest, Hungary
Please note that lecture available in hungarian only.

 Judit PAPP, Photo Conservator, (OSZK) National Széchenyi Library, Budapest, Hungary

Born in 1964, in Budapest.  Has worked at the National Széchenyi Library since 1991. In 1998-1999, for a period of six months she attended a special photo restoration training at the Photo Restoration and Conservation Workshop in Paris.

She obtained a university degree in 2007 at the Object Conservation Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in paper and leather restoration. She completed a DLA degree at the same institution in 2015.

Apart from paper and leather object conservation, her main tasks include the identification of 19th and 20th century historical photography techniques and the preservation and restoration of photographs and negatives. She wrote a course book for the National Széchenyi Library’s Book- and Paper Conservator Degree Course which discusses historic photography techniques, their characteristics, the method of identification of various techniques, degradation mechanisms of photographs as well as negatives, and finally preservation opportunities.

Her daily work also includes counselling on conservation and photo conservation issues; she performed photo restoration and conservation work for various public collections, among others for the Hungarian National Gallery, the Hungarian Museum of Photography, the Museum of Ethnography, the Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute, the Library of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, the Institute of Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Antique Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts, and the Hungarian National Digital Archive.