Katalin OROSZ

Paper in modern media – problems and characteristics of artwork preservation
Paper – leather Conservator, Hungarian National Museum
Budapest, Hungary
Please note that lecture available in hungarian only.


 Katalin OROSZ, Paper – leather Conservator, Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, Hungary

Born in 1968 in Budapest, Katalin Orosz worked at the National Archives of Hungary between 1991 and 2009; since 2009, she has been working at the Hungarian National Museum.

She specialised at the Museum and Object Conservation Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (1998), and she also studied at the National Széchényi Library (Book and Paper Conservation course). She obtained her DLA degree in 2009 from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

Beside working as a paper, leather and parchment object analyst and conservator, she has been dealing with the issues of artwork preservation and collection management and care since 2000. She also participated in international courses in the mentioned fields at the University College London (2002) and the ICCROM – Canadian Conservation Institute (2003).

Between 2002 and 2004, she participated in the implementation and application of a Dutch statistical condition reporting method (UPAA) within the network of Hungarian archives, as well as in the elaboration of the Collection Management and Care Program of the Hungarian National Archives.

In 2008, she was in charge of supervising the professional and safe handling of objects, as well as the definition of the collection management and care guidelines during the digitalisation process of the charter collection and cadastral maps from the period preceding the Mohács Battle at the Hungarian National Archives.

Since 2009, she has been head of Paper Specialisation within the Applied Arts Conservation Major at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. She also teaches artwork preservation and environmental conditions for artworks. At the Hungarian National Museum, she teaches artwork preservation, Conservational theory and practice, as well as Paper Studies. In the framework of the Erasmus IP, she taught abroad and on the request of ICCROM and the Metropolis University of Helsinki, she held courses on issues dealing with the documentation of historical techniques, risk handling and book conservation–preservation.