LIMA repository and research for sustainable access to media art works
Director, LIMA,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Gaby WIJERS, Director, LIMA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Gaby Wijers has been the director of LIMA since 1/1/2013. Previously, she was the coordinator of collection, preservation and related research at the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk), Amsterdam (NL); she has a background in librarianship, theatre and informatics. She participated in various national and international projects dealing with the documentation and preservation of media art (e.g.  Inside Installations, 404 object not foundGAMAInside Movement KnowledgeObsolete EquipmentDigitising Contemporary Art). She participates in national and international networks such as the Foundation for the Preservation of Contemporary Art and GAMA.

LIMA is an international platform for sustainable access to media art. In addition to conservation and research activities, LIMA acts as distributor (collection Montevideo and more). Thus, LIMA maintains close contact with the practice. LIMA offers digitisation services to museums, galleries and artists, and has a fully functioning digital repository for the storage of digital art. Herein, a major part of the digital collection of the Netherlands is preserved for future presentation. LIMA aims to translate media art to the current time and technology, new forms and meanings.