Christine SAUTER

PERICLES – a long-term solution for digital preservation
Project manager at King’s College London, coordinator of thePERICLES FP7 project
London, UK

Christine SAUTER, Project manager at King’s College London, coordinator of the PERICLES FP7 project

Christine Sauter is currently working at the King’s College London and responsible for the management of the European FP7 project PERICLES (Promoting and Enhancing Re-use of Information throughout the Content Lifecycle taking account of Evolving Semantics) with the King’s College London as the coordinator.

Tate is one of the two use case partners in this long-term preservation project exploring solutions to manage change over time when facing complex challenges such as encountered in preserving software-based art. She has many years of experience as project manager with different types of European and international projects, from EU funded projects around the topic of digital archives of contemporary and media art (such as GAMA and DCA), or art projects (such as TROIA) and exhibitions such the robot swarm exhibition at the EXPO 2000 theme park or within the satellite programme of Documenta X. Following the close of the project GAMA (Gateway to Archives of Media Art), she encouraged the project team to continue their excellent collaboration as a non-profit association, with which she has been collaborating since 2009, for example in carrying out their bi-annual panel on the politics and strategies in media art archiving at the Ludwigforum Aachen conference “Video Matters” in September 2015.